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Smoked Turkey for Thanksgiving Day!!

Hello there and Happy Thanksgiving, Let's have some delicious smoked turkey for Thanksgiving day (or any day) Here is a recipe we really like to make at our house.

Go buy a turkey breast from you local grocery store, I just picked a bone in turkey breast, up at our local Wal-mart .

Leave it out for a day or so and let it thaw out, I let mine thaw in some cold water and speeded the process up a bit,Opened turkey and cleaned the gravy mix out and washed it clean.

I then made a brine with a recipe I concocted with some ingredients I found in my cupboard, I will share it with you but feel free to use whatever you like or have on hand. amounts are approximate!

1/2 cup of brown sugar

1/ 3 cup salt

1 T. black pepper

2 tsp garlic powder

1 T. Apple cider vinegar

1 qt of water Place in a sauce pan and bring to a light boil.

Let it cool. Place in a container large enough to pretty well cover turkey ( I used a 2 gal ziplock bag ) . Pour brine mixture over turkey and let soak overnight in fridge.

Remove turkey and drain, pat dry on outside with a paper towel and season with your choice of seasoning.I used a dry rub. Lift skin and rub some seasoning under the skin. Prepare smoker and bring smoker to 225 to 250 degree, put turkey on smoker for 2 hours When it is nicely browned it is a good idea to sprinkle liberally with apple juice and wrap in foil to finish cooking, taking care to wrap carefully as to not loose juices! Continue cooking for about 1 more hour and check with your thermometer. The internal meat temp when done should be right on 155 to 160. Enjoy the fine meal with lots of Uncle Matt's spicy or regular sauce it always goes GREAT on Turkey...

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